Antique photo of pets

Famous pets of the 1910s

My great great uncle and his wife had a lot of photographs of their pets from the 1900s (these three from 1915-1919). They lived in “The Old House” close to “The Shed”, which was very close to where my childhood house was. The house was still standing when I was a very young child, and…

antique sugar bowl

Sweet heirlooms

My Grandmother was diabetic. She had this tiny dish with a little bell in the lid to hold artificial sweetener pills. She had another one that looked like a mother hen, with a tiny spoon sticking out that looked like a chick. Here is another sweet heirloom I received from my great aunt. She left…

corncrib windmill soybeans

The Corncribs and Well House

On Sundays, I share some of my memories of living on our heritage farm as a child. The reason I started The Farmhouse Chronicles is my connection to the land of my parents and ancestors, so this series is dedicated to sharing these stories. The well house stands adjacent to a laneway that ran along…

Old photo ladies trellis

Ladies by the lake

I wonder who these two women were, and where this photo was taken. One guess is that it is along the lakeshore in late fall – there are leaves on the ground but not on the vine or tree. It must have been taken in the late 1800s.