Morpeth Methodist Church

Postcard of Morpeth, Ontario Methodist Church

Morpeth Methodist Church, built 1877 (Ontario, Canada)

For quite a small town, Morpeth, Ontario had three churches, two of which were built in 1877: the Morpeth Methodist Church (later known as the Morpeth United Church) and St. John’s Anglican Church. The third was Trinity Church, Howard, about 1 km out of town to the west, built in 1845. My Great Aunt, Helene Duck, was part of the team who wrote, “As the Story is Told: A History of Morpeth and Community” in 1986. In it, there are pages of information on all three churches.

The new church replaced previous structures, first built in 1824, and another Wesleyan Methodist Church which served from 1850 to 1877. The one-acre lot was purchased for $100 on May 18, 1876. The cost is “unknown” but was estimated as costing over $5000. My Great Grandmother (especially) and Great Aunt were quite involved in the church int he first half of the 20th century.

My claim to fame is that I am the only “centennial baby” of the Morpeth United Church. I was born 100 years after it was built in 1877, and I received a plaque noting this. I can remember attending there as a young child. My strongest memory is of walking down the red carpeted aisle of the church on a winter’s day, and standing on the large, ornate circular black vents. The warm air rushed up and puffed my skirt out.

The picture below is from 1940. On the back is written,”SS Picnic, Dad Blowing Balloons” – so that must be my great grandfather at the near right of the photo.

I have tons more information on this church and the social history of the Morpeth, Ontario community, so if anyone is looking for more specific detail, please feel free to contact me for more details.

outside Morpeth church 1940

1940 SS Picnic “Dad blowing balloons”

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