100 year old Christmas list

As many of us in 2013 are thinking about holiday gifts and loved ones, I thought it would be interesting to share my great grandmother’s lists from a century ago. The lists go back to 1906, and I’ve posted the pages from 1906-7, 1912-13 and 1923.

1912 - 1913 Christmas list

1912-1913 Christmas list

Christmas presents – 1913
Mother – felt shoes
Mrs. Duck – cream & sugar
Mr. Duck – suspenders
Leta – nothing
Minnie – cream & sugar set
Tom – duck
Kids –
Maggie – apron (white)
Ruth – Box writing papers
Clara – Fern dish
Jane – Handkerchiefs
Nora – nothing
Clarence – fur lined gloves.

1906-1907 Christmas list

1906-1907 Christmas list

1923 Christmas list

Christmas list from 1923

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