Famous pets of the 1910s

1919 photo of boy and dog

Foxy Dog & Teddy Cox 1919

My great great uncle and his wife had a lot of photographs of their pets from the 1900s (these three from 1915-1919). They lived in “The Old House” close to “The Shed”, which was very close to where my childhood house was. The house was still standing when I was a very young child, and by the time I was old enough to go traipsing around the farm, it was in a state of falling down. I can remember my brother and his pals exploring the foundation, but it was a bit too dangerous for my sisters and I. My parents were able to salvage some things, like many photos including these. The family consisted of Harvey Duck, my great grandpa’s brother, his wife Leta, and their son Billy who was born in 1919. He was Grandpa’s first cousin (Grandpa Donald Duck was born in 1920).

Antique photo of pets

Dog in the 1915-ish sun.

antique photo of dog

Teddy Dog – Feb 26 1915

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