tintype photo copper frame

Tintype in copper frame

One of the most interesting old photos I have is this tintype with a copper frame. I wonder who these kids were, but they were photographed outside, with a backdrop nailed onto the exterior of a house. It would have been in the late 1800s.

1920s swimming

Swimming in Lake Erie

It’s fun seeing people swimming in Lake Erie about 90 years ago. I’m not sure who these people are but the older baby looks familiar, like it may be my grandpa. We still take advantage of the lake. On our trip home this summer we spent lots of time at the Lake Erie beach in…

antique mustache cup

Mustache cup

One of the antiques I brought back with me from the farm was this mustache cup. I tried using it to drink a cappuccino…haven’t tried that again. I think it would be more suitable for tea! The only writing on the bottom of the cup is a 14, so I have no idea when this…

1906-1907 Christmas list

100 year old Christmas list

As many of us in 2013 are thinking about holiday gifts and loved ones, I thought it would be interesting to share my great grandmother’s lists from a century ago. The lists go back to 1906, and I’ve posted the pages from 1906-7, 1912-13 and 1923. Christmas presents – 1913 Mother – felt shoes Mrs.…

antique photo of farmers

Couple in the corn

Who is this couple in the corn field? Like many of the photos I have, nothing is written on the back of either. I wonder if/how they are related to me. I notice that they are wearing the same clothes in both photos, and likely wanted to be photographed to showcase their booming garden and…

Postcard of Morpeth, Ontario Methodist Church

Morpeth Methodist Church

For quite a small town, Morpeth, Ontario had three churches, two of which were built in 1877: the Morpeth Methodist Church (later known as the Morpeth United Church) and St. John’s Anglican Church. The third was Trinity Church, Howard, about 1 km out of town to the west, built in 1845. My Great Aunt, Helene…

antique postcard 1907

Essex Explosion postcard

My Great Grandmother received this postcard, sent August 19, 1907 from Windsor, Ontario. From “Kate.” She was not yet married, so her name was Miss Mary Kimmerly of Morpeth, Ontario. No comment of any sort about this explosion. I did a quick search, and here is a link with more information about the event. In…

porcelain antique doorknob

Porcelain doorknob

My kids decided I should have this doorknob, which was tucked away inside “The Shed” as our family always referred to this 1915 tobacco barn. In the late 1980s, my grandpa and dad built in a bit of a workshop, which divided the barn into two parts. The door that was added had this porcelain…

antique negative

Visit to the Farm

This post was originally published on my art journal blog, delightfilledart.wordpress.com, on September 29, 2013 Six weeks have passed since we returned from our visit “home” to the farm where I was raised. I can’t believe how much time has elapsed and that I am only now able to begin to process the experience and…