handwritten ice cream recipe

Some swell ice cream

I wonder who Eva was, and what the story behind this ice cream recipe is. I’m not sure whose handwriting this is, or from what year. It was written in blue pen. I’ve never made ice cream, though I know lots of people today have ice cream makers and make their own. It’s so convenient…

antique locks 19th century

Tiny antique locks

Among my great grandmother’s things were these tiny sterling silver padlocks with keys. Both are engraved on the back with “Mary” and I imagine they were given to her as a child. They were grouped with a few other items that may have been at the bottom of her jewelery box during her entire life.

1907 Detroit Tigers postcard

1907 Detroit Tigers postcard

My family boasts several generations of Detroit Tigers fans. Since the farm is only about 90 minutes from Detroit, it really was the “home team,” despite the border. This postcard was sent to my great-great grandfather in 1907. and has made its way to my brother for his birthday! He’s been a big fan all…