Treasures from the Old House

kids in hay stubble

Kids exploring “The Old House” field in 2013

When I was a young child, an “Old House” stood in a field near our house. Throughout my childhood, it became more decrepit until eventually it was bulldozed and cleaned up to be used as additional acreage. I was at the age where any kind of mystery, treasures, or artifacts were incredibly fascinating to me. My big dream was to find a secret room or forgotten treasure trove. In fact, finding an arrowhead would have been the Holy Grail of treasures.

I used to spend time wandering the soybean field, picking through the soil in the area of the Old House, where my great-great aunt & uncle lived. I don’t know very much about them, other than whispered rumors or family tales about knives and horses. But it was always worth a walk through that field, because inevitably, I would find a piece of china or some other little reward for my diligence.

This summer, when we were home visiting family, I took my children, ages 5 and 4, for a walk there. My son chanced to find what I thought was an old bit of garden hose, but it was actually a well-rusted knife. The rest of us found some china pieces. Looks like they’ve inherited some of their mom’s treasure-hunting skills.

artifacts Ontario field

Treasures from the “old house”

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