Old Morpeth photos

I’ve posted quite a few of the photos for “Photo Wednesday” – I have from around 1920 in Morpeth, Ontario (some are probably quite a bit earlier). The first has a grouping of people, some of whom look familiar, like the lady in the middle of the top row (I think that might be Leta, the lady who lived in “The Old House” and beside her to the right is often pictured with the man sitting in front of her. Is that Great-great grandpa William J. Duck? The man with the dog on his lap must be Harvey, Leta’s husband, my great-great uncle. Why else would “Teddy Bear” dog be sitting on his lap? Compare this dog to the one in my famous pets post, taken in 1915.

*** (edit 03/30/14) I am sure now that the two young women are Hattie Addeman (top left) and Myrtle Addeman (bottom centre), Leta’s sisters. It’s quite likely, then, that the older couple are Leta’s parents, Henry Addeman and Sarah Jane (Higgs) Addeman. I do not know for sure.

early 20th century

people in Morpeth, ON

The next photo has the same man again that I suspect is great-great grandfather Duck. I wonder if it’s a 3-generation photo, with either Harvey and Billy or Clarence and Donald (my grandpa):

1920 photo of men

This may be a 3-generation photo of Great-great grandpa William J. Duck, his son Harvey and grandson Billy Duck around 1920

I don’t know the year of this one, but it did at least have a caption, “A Sunday morning in Morpeth” and the name, H.W. Duck would be my great-great uncle Harvey William Duck. But I don’t know if that means he took the photo, or is one of the people in it. The lady in the back, centre, could be the same one as I saw in the top photo, back top row. Could those be her two sons beside her? Hmm.

A Sunday morning in Morpeth

A Sunday morning in Morpeth

Another grouping, this time with family names (“us” would be the Harvey & Leta Duck family):

people under tree

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