1913 postcard in Ridgetown

1913 postcard Ridgetown, Ontario

1913 postcard Ridgetown, Ontario

A hundred years ago on December 15, this postcard was sent to my great-great aunt (Leta Duck – here’s a link to her birth & death info) – a photo taken in October 1913. From what I can make out, the writing on the front says MCR Depot Ridgetown – October 1913 – . The other writing appears to be a messier version of the same thing. The back says: “Keep smiling” How’s this anyway? You all look happy and here’s hoping you always will be. With love, Ethel. It was sent from Detroit, Michigan, which is where some of their relatives lived.

I love the energy of seeing these four ladies in their fine hats. I think that Leta is the second from the right. Not sure who the others are, but they look like they may be relatives. They child must belong to the lady beside her, because Leta’s son wasn’t born until 1919. I think the same lady and child are in the other photo below – look how similar the lady’s fur coat collar is, and she’s wearing a similar hat (though not as fancy). The child looks the same; perhaps the photos were taken very close together in 1913.

One idea is that it might be Ethel (Duck) Rockey and her son Harry – I was just reviewing different stones from the Morpeth Cemetery, and this child looks to be about 2 years old, like the ages of people on this tombstone. Seeing as the postcard is signed Ethel, it is a possibility. Perhaps she was visiting someone in Detroit when she sent it.

antique photo 1913 lady and child

1913 photo

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