photo postcard Toronto 1905

Mary Kimmerly

When I was working through my family tree, I started getting confused with the vast number of Marys. Not just Marys, but Mary Colls. In fact there are seven Mary Colls buried in the Morpeth Cemetery, the tiny tiny village of Morpeth, Ontario. One Mary was my great grandmother Mary Duck, born Mary Kimmerly. I…

Union Gas Company recipe of the month Cherry Loaf

Union Gas Company recipes of the month

I wonder how many recipes our families got from places like these 1960s Union Gas bills? I found quite a stack of these recipes, as well as others copied from magazines and newspapers, in among the old papers. I wonder if great grandmother tried out the Chili Con Carne in 1962 or the Cherry Loaf…

China tea cups and saucers

I brought home some interesting tea cups & saucers, as well as a pretty set of three saucers that are all different sizes. The saucer set is from Germany, and the tea cup with the three little legs was from Japan. The small tea cup has no writing on it at all.

My grandparents’ house

In 2013, my grandparents’ house is on its last legs. We briefly explored the exterior of the house, and it is not in the state that it was when my grandparents were living. I’ve lived away from home for many years now, so it is still easy for me to conjure up memories of how…

1913 postcard in Ridgetown

A hundred years ago on December 15, this postcard was sent to my great-great aunt (Leta Duck – here’s a link to her birth & death info) – a photo taken in October 1913. From what I can make out, the writing on the front says MCR Depot Ridgetown – October 1913 – . The…

1920 photo of men

Old Morpeth photos

I’ve posted quite a few of the photos for “Photo Wednesday” – I have from around 1920 in Morpeth, Ontario (some are probably quite a bit earlier). The first has a grouping of people, some of whom look familiar, like the lady in the middle of the top row (I think that might be Leta,…

antique nature's remedy package

Antique remedies

I found several antique samples of medicines among my great-grandparents things. Some of them are quite funny. Some of the pills are still in tact, in case anyone needs a remedy.