Valentine 1920

Antique Valentine

Here is another cute stand-up Valentine that my great aunt Helene received in the 1920s. The little girl’s eyes move back and forth. I looked up “Thelma Sheeler,” the sender. It seems she married a Hobson (source: ancestry board).

rural women 1900s

Morpeth women in early 1900s

Here is a group photo of some Morpeth women, which I thought was interesting in relation to Monday’s post about women’s organizations in Morpeth. The woman with the child at the front looks a lot like the lady in my December 4 post, which was taken in 1913. That is the best clue I have…

Old Photo: Betty

This week’s old photo features a possible link between the Betty in each photo. The only person I know is Billy Duck (my grandpa’s first cousin). Perhaps Betty Delmedge was a relative on his mother’s side, from Detroit.

antique crockery jugs

A tale of two jugs

As part of my treasure-hunting farm adventures, I found the smaller of these two crocks over ten years ago, just lying in the “Old Shed” (a barn that still stands on our farm and was built around 1910.) In my Dad and Grandpa Duck’s workshop area, there are tons of old shelves, drawers, and cubby…