Discovering old spectacles

Frances Rain giri 1When I was about eleven years old, I ordered “Who is Frances Rain” from the book order. It was a story about a girl who found an old pair of spectacles and is transported back in time to discover fascinating things about her ancestors. Needless to say, I was out to the barn (of which I was quite phobic: I always feared that the barn would go up in flames, or I would fall through the floorboards), seeking treasure.


Eventually, in a decrepit, sagging wooden cupboard just down the manure trough from the silo, I found my own antique spectacles. When I put them on, nothing happened. But perhaps they had the same effect on me. I have been fascinated by my family history ever since, especially the people who used to roam the same land where I grew up.

Here are a couple other old pairs of glasses that came from the farm:

kids wearing antique glasses

The kids loved trying on the old glasses we brought home from the farm.


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