Beautiful horses

antique photo of horse

My ancestors were certainly proud of this horse!

I just love these old photos of horses. I can see how proud the family was of this one.

After yesterday’s post where I mentioned the family registering their horses’ pedigree, I thought it would be fitting to share these photos.

The lady in the photo must be Leta Duck. The barn in the photo still had part of its foundation standing when I was a young child, quite close to the edge of our yard. I remember us kids tearing down the stones at the back of the barn one evening, until my sister got some of the dust in her eye. It’s neat seeing how new and well-kept the barn was at the time this photo was taking (I’m guessing circa 1920).

This other photo may have been taken at the same time. On the back is written “Billie Duck” which was Leta’s son’s name (my grandfather Donald Duck’s first cousin). Perhaps young Billie took the photo. I love how large and menacing the horse looks in the second photo. I’ve photocopied it and tried doing some image transfers on one of my paintings, though its low contrast made it not really work out.

antique horse photo

horse billie duck back

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