Old photos: 1918 men

Buller Addeman Morpeth Ontario

Addeman men and J. Buller

Today’s old photos feature two groupings of men. The top photo includes Henry and Frank Addeman, which would’ve been Leta Duck’s relatives (Addeman was her maiden name). Perhaps they were visiting. I believe I saw the Buller name on the farm payroll, so he may have been a Morpeth, Ontario man. I don’t recognize the house. I enjoy looking at the details in these old photos to see what I can learn about the people and time period.

The second photo may have been taken in Detroit or Windsor, where relatives lived. The names and date, February 7, 1918, are actually written on the back of this photo. Unfortunately, I glued this photo into a school project as a kid as fictional characters I was writing about, so I can’t read the men’s first names. But I see their last names were Shaughnessy, Dick and Gallagher.

1918 men

February 7, 1918

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