A tale of two jugs

antique crockery jugs

Two antique jugs, reunited

As part of my treasure-hunting farm adventures, I found the smaller of these two crocks over ten years ago, just lying in the “Old Shed” (a barn that still stands on our farm and was built around 1910.) In my Dad and Grandpa Duck’s workshop area, there are tons of old shelves, drawers, and cubby holes full of old nails and discarded farmer stuff. I found this small jug and brought it home and cleaned it up.

This summer, when exploring my late grandparents’ home, I discovered the larger jug in the gazebo, and was excited to see it matched the other one. Since this one has been in Grandpa’s gazebo, it’s in better shape. I wonder if they made up a set of canisters, and who originally bought them. I don’t know what time period they are from.

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