As the Story is Told: Along the Lake, Part 3: Gold in Lake Erie

As the Story is told: A history of Morpeth and communityEvery week, I share an excerpt from my Great Aunt’s book, As the Story is Told: A History of Morpeth and Community, which was printed in 1986.

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Gold in Lake Erie

After many years of research on the part of O.K. Watson and Dr. Fred Hamil, of Wayne University, Detroit, it has been established that there really is gold in the waters of Lake Erie not far from the old Morpeth dock.

Stories of the buried treasure have been passed down by word of mouth for years and have become legends. It is said that early in the war between the British and the French, a ship set out from York, now known as Toronto, with gold and other supplies for Detroit. It encountered a storm near Port Stanley where it was necessary to throw overboard many packages and barrels of wine and liquors.

 After being badly battered by the storm the boat followed close to the shore for the remainder of the journey. But when in the vicinity of Morpeth Dock, so the story goes, the crew spotted an American ship also hugging the shore for the same reason.

Short on supplies, as well as ammunition, the officer in charge of the British boat decided to bluff his way through. All the guns were hidden and the crew was to pretend they were on a pleasure trip. Fearful that the Americans might doubt their word, search the ship and find gold, the officer ordered his men to place th money in a barrel, attach it to a buoy and throw it overboard.

The ruse, insofar as the British boat and crew were concerned, was a complete success. They were allowed to pass after a hurried inspection by the Americans.

The British boat was said to have returned to the spot the same evening to recover the gold. After a long search they found the buoy but apparently someone had blundered in attaching it to the barrel and the barrel and gold were gone. That was the long accepted story.

[The information in this chapter was taken from two articles in the Windsor Daily Star. One of the articles was in an April 1938 edition, and was written by Ray Hubbell. The other was written by Lyle Thackeray and appeared in a December 1954 edition.]

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