Morpeth women’s group and a 1904 concert poster

church Sunday school letterMy great grandmother was always involved with the Morpeth United Church, which was only a stones throw away. It looks like this letter and cloth bag were a promotion for a church event. The ladies did many creative things to try to raise money in those days. Can’t you picture the group sitting together stitching these little bags out of cloth from their scrap bags? I am not sure what year this is from, though it was after 1909, when my great grandparents married. The 20th birthday must be to mark how old the women’s society is.

Aha, a clue from “As the Story is Told”: “The women’s organizations have provided staunch support to church life and have made possible the successful completion of many projects through their financial support. The Women’s Missionary Society was first organized in 1917. The W.M.S. joined with the Women’s Association in 1955 and continued until 1960, spanning a period of 43 years.” From this research, I am guessing the letter above was written for November 20, 1937.


My great grandma is Mrs. C. Duck, so she was the president of the women’s group at the time. E. Rockey, secretary, was my great grandfather Clarence’s cousin, Ethel Duck, who was born of Isaac Duck and his second wife Sarah. Ethel was a singer. I have more than one programme and a poster about Ethel’s performances. This poster is 110 years old, interestingly the concert was on January 22.

1904 concert poster

110-year-old concert poster featuring my great grandfather’s cousin.

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