1916 Morpeth photo

I came across this photo in my Grade 8 genealogy project. This photo was rare in that it had writing on the back. However, at the time I thought glueing it down was a good idea! So I am relying on my 13-year-old interpretation of the hand writing here:

1916 Ontario residents

Henry Addeman was Leta Addeman’s father, was born in Duart Kent County in 1853. He lived in Ridgetown, Ontario until he was 63 (1906) and then moved to Detroit (375 Newport Ave.) I have an article about his 73rd birthday from the newspaper, where I got some of this information. He would have been about 73 in this photo (above). We also see Henry Addeman pictured here.

This photo also lends clues to my post, Old Morpeth Photos. Look at the top photo on that post. I think two of the women may also be pictured here, and are identified as Myrtle and Hattie. I’m quite sure “Hattie” is the same person. Mrytle is less certain – what do you think?

***edit (03/30/2014) – I discovered that Myrtle and Hattie were Leta (Addeman) Duck’s sisters. Myrtle and Clayton Delmege, pictured above, were married a year after in 1917.

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