Grandma’s 1922 history textbook

This was my maternal grandmother’s history textbook. I haven’t gotten a chance to share much about my mother’s side of our family yet on this blog, but I plan to expand to the Sloan and Maynard side as well. My grandma, Jean Elizabeth Sloan, was born in 1909.

1922 book "Ontario Public School History of Canada"

Ontario Public School: History of Canada 1922

Like most teens, it looks like Grandma Jean also got a little bored and did some doodling in her textbook. Or was it Annie Laurie?

1922 Ontario history textbook signatures inside 1922 textbook

Wilfred Laurier

I’m sorry, Sir Wilfred Laurier.


4 thoughts on “Grandma’s 1922 history textbook

  1. what a wonderful collection. My Great Grandmother was Hannah Sloan (daughter of Robert ). She married William Hornby and her youngest son was my grandfather. These details are lovely. Thank you

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