Heirloom salt cellars

antique salt cellar dishes

1860s salt dishes – part of the 12 place settings I inherited from my great-great grandmother

What does your salt shaker look like? We have a salt grinder, actually a set of Haida patterned salt and pepper grinders:

Haida salt and pepper grinder

Our salt & pepper grinder today

Great-great grandma had these “salt cellar” dishes. I didn’t realize they were called “salt cellars” until I started doing a little research. They are certainly cute little dishes, bearing the same pattern as the larger plates. I use them to put tea bags on sometimes now.

The story of these dishes is that my great-great grandmother, living outside Morpeth, Ontario, saved her egg money to purchase this set. I wonder from which of the several stores in town she purchased them?

antique salt dishes 1860s

Tiny salt dishes

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