sledding antique valentine

Vintage Valentine

I wonder if this was given to my Great Aunt when she was a teacher (since it says Miss Duck, and the rest in the pile have her first name), or if “Osborn” was being polite in addressing his peer as Miss Duck?

To my sweetheart vintage Valentine

To my sweetheart

Thanks to “Clinton” for today’s 1920s antique Valentine. The verse in this Valentine seems very romantic for the age of the children exchanging these Valentine’s! Made even more bittersweet in that the recipient never did marry.

antique valentine duck

Antique Valentine: duck

My maiden name is Duck, and let me tell you that in the 1980s, it wasn’t a very fun last name. My siblings and I endured a lot of heckling on Bus 6! My great grandparents generation seemed to have gotten more of a kick out of it. This duck Valentine was probably handpicked for…