1912 Letter from Great-great Grandma Kimmerly

1912 letter envelope

The following is a letter from my great-great grandmother to my great-grandmother written in 1912. I find it fascinating! It seems that spelling and punctuation wasn’t stong. Interesting to read about the christening of a baby who sounds like it is not going to make it. I love the drama of the piece of black silk. I wonder if her dress looked anything like this one


Hilda Smith's black silk satin and lace dress, 1908 – 1912. Collection: Griffith Pioneer Park Museum

Postmarked Windsor, Ont. Dec. 19 10:30 pm 1912
Addressed to Mrs. C. P. Duck Morpeth Ontario (Mary Kimmerly Duck, from her mother)
Windsor December 19

Dear Marey,
I now take up my pen to tell you what I am doing Ella went over the river and I am watching the house I hav just got up from sleeping we spent A nise day at tilbery got to comber about 6 charley was at the station with A horse and buggy we stayed there till thursday morning came to windsor they wer at the station to meat up wes came to comber and was over her twise before his mother left she left for toronto saturday at three hav not herd from the west he looks fine fred loeape role cate mat andrew winey wesley and A friend of his was all here sunday night had A joley time

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the mail man has Just left your letter at the dore was glad to hear from you and to hear you was all well and through with your thrashing I hope you will hav A rest I hav A back it is some better today lisabeth and peter was down to see me pete has been over to philephart and he is feeling fine and looks well masons leg is sore yet but he goes to the shop there is to be A crisning up to rolep tomorow they think the baby is agoing today the inglish church thinks they will be lost if they are not crisened. I received mineys letter yesterday with A pease of the gray silk I want the largest peace af black we had them patching my waist before we left I find there is an other hole in the elbo put it in A letter if you can not get

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time to write send the patch at once for I canot wear it till it is fixed I hav not ben out any whare sinse I came here they was disapointed when you did not cum be shur and not disapoint them this time. How are they geting along dow house did magey help miney make the print if not you try and help hur it snowed last night it is snowing again this afternoon mat has gon over the river and faxon and I are all alone he thinks just as mutch of me as toms girls do.
Mat wants you to tell ab to send him 2 ducks and A coupel of good chicke when you cum if they hav not got A small telescope you can get the littel one that is down hom you can check them

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I will close with love to you all be shur and sen the black silk patch at once if the sope is not full send some butter but no eggs.

1912 letter
1912 letter page 2
1912 letter page 3
1912 letter page 4

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