My grandparents’ house

1940s house

Another angle showing the house my grandparents (and great-great grandparents) lived in.

I can barely orient myself to my grandparents’ house in this photo, which is from around 1940. I spent many hours, weekly, visiting this house as a child, because it is where my grandparents lived on our shared farm. Before they lived there, my great-great grandparents, William J. Duck and his wife Mary E. Coll Duck lived there. I don’t even know if they built the house or if they acquired it from the Coll relatives who raised orphaned W. J. as a teen. When visiting my grandmother, I can remember her touring me around a few times, explaining how the house used to be laid out. For example, her ensuite stood where the great-great grandparents front porch had been, which you can see below.

Here is the other view of the house that I’ve shared in a previous post as well. I can now see that it is a dog sitting on the grass in this clearer version of the photo – it almost looked like a baby in the blurrier photo.

old photo of old house

Great great grandparents’ house – possibly great-great grandma Duck here.

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