1904 letters from Great-grandfather

These two letters were written in 1904 by my Great-grandfather, Clarence Preston Duck (1885-1957) to his future wife, Mary L. Kimmerly (1887-1975). They married in 1909. In 1904, Clarence was 19, and Mary was 17. It seems like these letters were written during some kind of break up between the couple. I wonder who Hazel was? I wonder what Mary was doing in Saginaw, Michigan? What an interesting set of letters to have the privilege to have salvaged from 110 years ago!

1904 envelope

1904 letters sent from Great grandfather to Great grandmother, 5 years before their wedding


Postmarked Sept. 26, 1904
Miss Mary Kimmerly
224 North Third St.

1904 letter

London Sept. 15/04
Dear Mary,
I received your letter of the 12th inet.
Don’t think to much Darling.
Although we are far apart. It was hard for a while. But I feel better now. Clara has been very sick. But we think she is going to get along all right now. But Mary it is hard for me. But I am striving for the better world to come. Pray for me Darling. Don’t forget me. Be a friend of mine for ever. And I will be the same. Hoping to find you happy till we meet again. I think I had better close and go to bed before morning.
Good Bye
C. P. Duck

Page 1 of second 1904 letter

[in same envelope]
Morpeth Sept. 24/04

Dear Mary,
I received your letter on Thursday. But was surprised. I thought you had forgot all about Morpeth. Mary I went to London fair. They all say it was good, but when alone without a friend it did not seem that way. I enjoyed the stock in the forenoon. After dinner as I was writing to you. Old times came back to me. I did not feel much like going to fairs then. Then I took a stroll around the city. I saw where the great band was but did not feel much like hearing them. When I went to the station and was sitting asleep, Mrs. And Miss Sutcliffe came in and woke me up. The first thing of course was where is Mary. They were with me for an hour or to [sic], when I was left to sleep alone again. The harvest home was very good. Proceeds about $150.

2nd page of 2nd 1904 letter
I hope you have a good time. The time is going fast I know. But let it be short. Mary I think we can change things a little. When we get together. There are lots of things I cannot understand. I have not been to the post office since you went away.
All most forgot Hazel came up to me and wanted to know if I was offended at her. I said no dear and started on when she called me and wanted me to forgive her. I could see what she was working on. Clara is up today for the first. If you have changed your mind any Mary let me know at once for God’s sake. I am affraid [sic] that you will be disappointed when you come home.

Last page of 1904 letterLet me hear from you soon.

Good Bye.

Yours Truly,

C. Duck



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