1909 envelope

1909 Letter from a loving friend, Alma

This letter was sent to my great-grandma just after she married my great-grandfather in 1909 Postmarked Feb. 15, 1909 from Toronto, 7 am From #707 Queen St. E. Toronto, Ont. To: Mrs. C. P. Duck Morpeth, Ont. 707 Queen St. E. Toronto 14 Feb. 09 Mrs. C. P. Duck – My Dear Mary, Congratulations! Better…

1909 envelope from Detroit

1909 letter from Ethel

This letter was sent to my great grandparents just after their 1909 wedding. I have already posted the response letter from Mary to Ethel dated January 22, 1909 here. I wonder how those early days went at Hillcrest Cottage. Sadly, Mary’s father, Faxon Kimmerly, died on January 30, just a couple weeks after this letter…

1924 Easter card bunny painting eggs

1924 Easter card

When my grandfather was four, and his sister Helene was 8, she received this postcard from “some little boy.” It was probably either from her brother, my grandpa, or their cousin Billie Duck.

1908 Easter Greetings

1908 Easter Greetings

“Ducks are not in it when you can get chickens like these. W. R. B.” – This was the Easter Greeting sent to my great grand-mother. I wonder if the duck reference was intended to be taken at face value, because these chickens look good, or if it is related at all to the many…