Billie Duck of Morpeth, Ontario 1919

My great-grandfather’s brother, Harvey Duck, married Leta Addeman on December 25, 1912 in Selton, Ontario. They lived in a house only a stone’s throw away from where I grew up, in a house that became “the old house” where I used to scavenge for antique china. The couple had one child, William (Billie) Henry Duck, who must have been born in December 1918, because the first photo below has him pegged as being 3 months old in March 1919.

The name William was a very strong family name: Harvey’s father was William J. Duck. W. J. Duck’s grandfather and great-grandfather were both named William Coll. The middle name, Henry, could be after W. J. Duck’s father, Henry Duck. More likely, however, the Henry would be after Leta’s father, Henry Addeman in Leta’s family, so it may be more likely that he was the name source. There is a very detailed website about Henry Addeman here. It lists that he married Sarah Jane Higgs (which explains why there are photos of Higgs relatives in my collection). The children were: Harriet Cogdale, Mary Addeman, Maud Addeman, Leta Jean Addeman, and Myrtle Addeman. In this 1916 photo, several of the sisters are pictured.

Billie Duck died at the age of 32 in 1950 without descendants, and is buried in Morpeth, Ontario.

I have quite a few pictures of him, since they were salvaged from “the old house.” It’s interesting knowing this family lived in the exact spot I did, experiencing similar weather and scenery.

Billie Duck, Morpeth Ontario, 1919

Billlie (William) Duck, March 1919

Billie Duck, Morpeth Ontario, 1921

Billie Duck, circa 1920

1920 photo of Billie Duck, Morpeth Ontario

Billie Duck “Harvey Jr” 18 months (circa 1920)

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