1904 anniversary party

One of the older letters I have is this 1904 party invitation to the wedding anniversary of Mr. & Mrs. John Gray, who I don’t know. I wonder what kind of entertainment was planned for the party, which was to last from 7 pm to midnight. My great grandmother, who was still at home in 1904, was invited. I wonder if they played games, like “Bunco.” My sisters and I used to play this game with my great aunt, Helene Duck, every Saturday. Helene is was the grandchild of Faxon and Mary Kimmerly, who were the recipients of this invitation. My sister still has the Bunco game, which is dated 1904.


Another journal entry I have from 1912 describes a casual evening of playing the card game “Lost Heir” until all hours of the night.

1904 anniversary invitation

1904 invitation to a wedding anniversary

No postmark; addressed to: Mr & Mrs. Faxon Kimmerly (my great-great grandparents)

1879 – 1904

Mr & Mrs John Gray request the pleasure of the company of Mr. & Mrs. Faxon Kimmerly and daughter at the twenty-fifth anniversary of their marriage on Saturday evening December 17th 1904 from 7 to 12 at their home 19 Laurier Ave.

1904 invitation envelope

back of 1904 envelope

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