Easter postcard with metal rooster, circa 1910

antique Easter postcard with gold roosterThis postcard has a metal rooster applied to it. The unidentified sender must have really liked it, because it is a reused card – there is another postcard glued to the back. I’m really tempted to rip it apart to see what was on the back of it the first time! The postmark is not legible. I made out a 26, which I thought was the year, but now I think it is the day of the month. I can see part of what looks like a 0 below that, which I suspect to be 1910, because by 1920 the couple had children and the card would have likely been addressed to them.

OK, I folded and detached the back…there was nothing written on the original back…no clues.

I looked up the stamp that is on this postcard, and it says it was from 1903-1908. The stamp is a King Edward VII issued from 1903-1908. I know this was sent after 1909, because that is the year Clarence Duck got married. Easter in 1910 was on March 27, so it would make sense if this was sent on March 26, 1910. Perhaps the sender (or local post office) still carried the earlier-issued stamps.

1909 antique Easter postcard

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