1927 and 1952 Morpeth United Church celebrations

I was dubbed the “Centennial Baby” at Morpeth United Church in 1977, because I was the only child born that year in attendance. I have quite a few memories from my early days spent at this church, before we moved on to a different congregation. I remember the bare wooden cross at the front of the sanctuary, and a painting of Jesus kneeling to pray in the garden. I remember the ornate black vents that blasted warm air in the winter in the aisles. I used to stand and twirl on them, so my skirt would be filled and lifted by the warm draft. I remember the tiny glass communion cups and the creaky old pews.

This building was also important to my ancestors, as it seems my great grandmother was very involved in music and fundraising over the years. I’ve been posting chapters about the church lately from “As the Story is Told,” so I thought it would be interesting to share these programs from past church anniversaries.



Morpeth Ontario United Church 1927 1952 Church Dedication program

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