1909 Letter from a loving friend, Alma

This letter was sent to my great-grandma just after she married my great-grandfather in 1909

1909 envelope

Postmarked Feb. 15, 1909 from Toronto, 7 am

From #707 Queen St. E. Toronto, Ont.

To: Mrs. C. P. Duck Morpeth, Ont.

back of 1909 envelope with seal

707 Queen St. E. Toronto

14 Feb. 09

Mrs. C. P. Duck –

My Dear Mary,


Better late than never, I have been intending to write, ever since receiving your announcement. So you have gone and done it, without my consent.

It is no wonder, you have had no time to write one for this last year or so, it must be nearly that long since I wrote you last. May I not look forward to something better in the future? Or do you really not intend to write to me anymore?1909 letter

My first impression after reading your announcement was, that you would be up this way sure on your wedding trip. Then I would see you but you did not show up, and it cannot be possible that you were here and did not let me know.

Now, I could nearly write a book if I was to tell you all that has happened since I wrote last, but I’m not going to try. One thing, though, that probably might interest you a little is the fact that Arnold B. Has gone to Singapore (you will remember studying about that place, when at Dufferin) He left here on Wednesday 10th for New York and was to sail for Liverpool yesterday morning, so I suppose he is well started on his journey by now, and I presume will have a good taste of the ocean this rough weather. He intends staying one year, at the very least and probably two or three, if the climate agrees with him, and he is making lots of money as there seems to be good prospects. It gave him quite a shock, when I informed him that Mary was married – he would not do anything like that you know. I shall hope to hear from you some of these days – telling me how happy you are. Your loving friend, Alma.1909 Feb 15 Alma last page

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