love letter poem circa 1905

Love letter from circa 1905

It’s a mystery who sent this love letter to my great-grandmother, circa 1904-1908, but she did seem to have several suitors. I can say it was hand-delivered, but other than that, the person did a pretty good job hiding his identity. She married my great grandfather, Clarence P. Duck, in January 1909.   Dear Mary:…

1938 Donald Duck and Helene Duck

1938 snapshots

Here are a few photos from my Great Aunt, Helene Duck’s, album. It’s nice getting to see a photo of my grandfather, Donald Duck (yes, that was his name), on the left in that first photo.

1904 invitation envelope

1904 anniversary party

One of the older letters I have is this 1904 party invitation to the wedding anniversary of Mr. & Mrs. John Gray, who I don’t know. I wonder what kind of entertainment was planned for the party, which was to last from 7 pm to midnight. My great grandmother, who was still at home in…

Billie Duck, Morpeth Ontario, 1921

Billie Duck of Morpeth, Ontario 1919

My great-grandfather’s brother, Harvey Duck, married Leta Addeman on December 25, 1912 in Selton, Ontario. They lived in a house only a stone’s throw away from where I grew up, in a house that became “the old house” where I used to scavenge for antique china. The couple had one child, William (Billie) Henry Duck,…