As the Story Is Told: Rock Auction

As the Story is told: A history of Morpeth and communityEvery week, I share an excerpt from my Great Aunt’s book, As the Story is Told: A History of Morpeth and Community, which was printed in 1986. This week’s entry is about the Rock Auction. I remember this rock, as it was a familiar landmark that we drove past on a daily basis during my entire childhood, sitting on the edge of the property near the Morpeth church. I wonder if it is still sitting there now?

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Rock Auction

Morpeth United Church rock auction

The Auction Rock at Morpeth United Church

Rock Auction

One of the entertaining parts of the annual Country Fair, held by the Morpeth United Church, is the auctioning of a five-ton rock with the understanding it will be left there, where it is to be sold again the next year. Sale of the rock began at the fair in 1960 when, drawing close to the end of the sale items, Lorne Coll shouted to auctioneer James C. McKinlay, “Sell the rock Jim.” It has been a custom every year since to sell it at the end of the auction. The price has varied from $10 to over $200.

Some of the rock owners were:

1960 – Lorne Coll

1961 – Lorne Coll

1962 – Joan Jensen

1963 – J. M. Smith (in his memory)

1964 – C. Ashton

1965 – E. M. Hall

1973 – Percy Ashton

1974 – Troy Sporting Goods

1975 – Jim Peters

1976 – Ross Clarke

1977 – Russel McMillan

1978 – James R. Smith

1980 – Doug Smith

1981 – James McKinlay

1982 – Percy Smith

1983 – Percy Smith

1984 – Allan McKinlay

1985 – Len Hoskins and family

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