1911 Letter from Alma

This letter was sent by the same friend who wrote the letter I posted last week, but about 2.5 years later, to my great grandmother. Beautiful handwritten script, though sometimes hard to read!
1911 letterPostmarked Toronto, October 11, 1911
Mrs. C. P. Duck
Morpeth, Ont.

Tadmorene Cottage
Heact Lake Ont.
Sunday 8 Oct. 1911

Mrs. C. P. Duck

My dear Mary. —

handwritten 1911 letterIt must be a long, long time since I last wrote you a letter, but I remember, it is longer still since I received a letter from you. I wonder if you could break the record this time. Now that we have no home in the City, it is rather difficult to keep track of me. You—I think—already know that I spent most of last winter in Chicago. I enjoyed very much being with my sister, but would not care to live there. Mother and father joined me on their return from Phoenix—and we left for Toronto on 24th May. They came right back here to the Cottage,–but I remained in the city for about six weeks,–visiting my friends and having a good time in general. Then I made my retreat to the woods, where I have remained ever since, with the exception of about two weeks, about the latter part of August. I went up to the city, — for the Exhibition, — which I only attended for a few hours one evening, — so you may know how anxious I was to see it.

I have, until only a few days ago, been very much undecided, as to my plans for the winter. Mother and Father are going south again, and they wanted me to go with them, but I was not altogether in favor of staying there for the whole winter, so have decided not to go at all, but am planning to attend the Royal Ontario Ladies’ College, at Whitby. I am leaving for Toronto tomorrow morning to get my trouseau ready but I have to come back here again for the first part of November, that is the dear hunting season, and Mother does not want to be alone when father is away up in the hunting grounds. The second term at the College commences 14th Nov. And I expect to start in then.

In the last letter that I had from Arnold (have you forgotten him) he was asking if I ever heard from Mary. I told him that she still existed, but that was all. It is nearly three years now since he went away, and expects to return next spring. I hope I may hear from you sometime in 1911 letterthe near future. Yours as ever, Alma.

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