As the Story is Told: St. John’s Church – Building List

As the Story is told: A history of Morpeth and communityEvery week, I share an excerpt from my Great Aunt’s book, As the Story is Told: A History of Morpeth and Community, which was printed in 1986. Today, I have a list of people who contributed money to the building of the church back in 1877. I found this list quite interesting, because I recognize quite a few names from people in photographs or in my family history (for example William and Frederick Coll, who are part of my ancestry). Has anyone tallied this amount of money up? Did it come anywhere near the $6000 needed to build the church? I wonder if they had the same struggles as the neighbouring United Church to pay for their building.

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Following is a copy of the Building List:

We, the undersigned, agree to pay the sums placed opposite our names for the purpose of building an English Church at Morpeth, payments to be made as follows, one-half in 1876 and the balance in 1877 unless otherwise specified.

Committee appointed to collect and receive further subscriptions,

Matthew Wilson, Treasurer

Matthew Wade

Joseph Patterson, Jr.

James M. Smith, Secretary

George Pearce

Henry Stewart

St Johns Anglican, Morpeth OntarioNAMES: / AMOUNT

Matthew Wilson $200

John Duck $200

Henry Patterson $200

William Walters $150

John Kitchen $100

James Smith $50

James C. Nation $100

James M. Smith $50

James White $25

Rev. Mr. Downie $50

Mrs. Stammers $50

George Addeman $25

John Kroft $25

Mr. and Mrs. Boyer $25

William Simpson $25

William Coll $10

Hiram Cornwall $50

James Stewart $10

Frederick Coll $25

James Freel $25

Mr. and Mrs. Darby $25

William Wilson $50

Mrs. Conway $25

Thomas Sheppy $25

David Conway $10

John Walters $10

John C. Jackson $10

John Morris $5

John Cottier $5

Daniel Addeman $20

Augustus Liebner $10

Robert Wilson $10

Jas. G. T. Teetzel $10

Israel Smith $10

Mrs. Israel Smith $10

George Taylor $10

Wm. J. Taylor $10

Amos Wood $5

Wm. Armstrong Jr. $10

A.P. Dixon $5

Rondeau News $5

Joseph McCain $10

Cyrus Bell $5

John Kenny $5

Mrs. Susan Cooper $5

Benjamin Fairchild $10

James Ruddle $5

Nathan Wood $5

John Sheppy Jr. $10

John Taylor $5

Joseph Patterson $100

William Reynolds $25

Mrs. Cullis $5

John Hackney $20

Leonard Spencer $25

James McKinlay $10

Alexander Gillis $5

George Lane $25

Edward Bury $20

Yates White $10

Augustus Crane $5

William Husband $20

Robert Walters $10

Robert Walters Jr. $10

Stephen Thatcher $10

Thomas White $5

John Bell $25

Edward R. Bury $10

John Lampman $25

George Pearce $100

Robert Wilson $20

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  3. I would be very interested if you had any mentions of a William ‘Willie’ Morris in the Morpeth area from about 1910-1968. He was a British home child and I am doing research for his 94 year nephew! Any help appreciated. All I know at this point is he was a labourer and at one time was living on the lake side, never married or had children. He is buried in the Ridgetown cemetery. We are hoping to find any personal items and/or military items (medals) that were left behind to who – we do not know.

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