1913 letter from Chicago

Today I have another letter to share from my Great Grandmother’s friend, Alma. This one was very pale and difficult to read, dating back 101 years.

1913 letter1913 letter

1913 letter

34 So St. Louis Ave. Ave. – Ill.

Chicago – 15th June 1913

My dear Mary,

I presume you are wondering where I am at – all this long time after getting your nice long letter down in Phoenix. I thought I would answer it as soon as I arrived here, but now am about to leave. In another week I expect to be in dear old Toronto once more and I shall certainly be glad to get there, though I will only be able to stay about two weeks this time. I had it all planned to leave here 3rd June. Then I received word from Mrs. Gamsby that she was going away to visit an Uncle in Iowa. She and her sister passed through here over two weeks ago, in fact nearly three weeks now and we are expecting them back to-morrow. They want to stop off in Chicago several days this time and of course I am waiting to return with them – there would be no use me going to Toronto when Mrs. Gamsby was away because I always make my home with her and we always have such a good time. I guess I have told you before, how much I thought of her and I love her just as much as ever, if not more so. I know it is not all one-sided, this great afternoon, for she does think a great deal of me also. When I was down in Phoenix, we used to correspond every four or five days. That is, we each would write that often. I am so glad she is coming to-morrow. I can scarcely wait but I will not be able to have her all to myself this week. She has other visiting to do, however it will be alright when we get home and I am expecting her to spend a few weeks with me back at the lake. Mother and Father have been there since the first of May and they are getting everything all ready for the rest of us. We had such a grand trip coming up from Phoenix – just stayed a week in Los Angeles and I did enjoy it there so much. It is such a beautiful place and more like a Canadian city than American. California seems like paradise after the brown desert and mountains of Arizona. From Los Angeles we went to San Francisco and it was so entirely different. We had a real nice time, but I would not like it there nearly as well as L.A. It is the best yet. Our next stop was in Salt Lake City. It was a nice clean little place with such wide straight streets. And of course we visited the great Mormon Tabernacle. It was very interesting, being there on Sunday, we were all to attend one of their big meetings of about 24,000. We made other stops, at Glenwood Springs, a summer resort, and Denver, being our last. There had been a little snowstorm the day before and it seemed strange to see the ground covered with snow. We arrived here about the middle of April – mother and father stayed a week. I have been here ever since. I don’t like it much here either, but have been busy sewing nearly all the time, – made some pretty things for myself and did some for my sister. – if I had been going back to Toronto alone, I would have gone by way of Detroit, and spend a few days there, and might have been able to have made you a little visit. But I guess it will not be this time. I certainly would like to see you. Many thanks for that little picture you sent. I can see it is the same happy face. This is a typical summer’s day in Chicago, too hot to dress up and go out. I am sitting in the rocking chair, with my komona [sic] on and not much else. It is even to hot to do nothing. So I thought I might just as well make an effort & do something. Now I hope you will write me while I am at “Head Lake, Ont.” – expect to be there all summer. With fondest love, Yours as ever, Alma

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