As the Story is Told: Closing of St. John’s Church

As the Story is told: A history of Morpeth and communityEvery week, I share an excerpt from my Great Aunt’s book, As the Story is Told: A History of Morpeth and Community, which was printed in 1986. This week, we see the closing of St. John’s Church, which was within my lifetime. While not as interesting as the 1913 event of the steeple blowing off the church, it was interesting to see this building in my childhood as various owners tried to restore and live in it.

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Closing of St. John’s Church

1877 blueprint of St. John's Anglican Church, Morpeth, OntarioDue to the decline in the number of members and the high cost of repairing and maintaining the church, regular services were discontinued in 1981, the last service being held July 5, 1981.

The church equipment and furnishings were dispensed with. The church and the church property were sold in 1984 to two Windsor business men, Mr. Fred Smith and Juanito Agustin, who have begun renovations. They are hoping to convert the old church in to a unique antique shop. A two-bedroom residence is being built in what was once the church Sunday school. Mr. Smith says that he managed to save the church from being destroyed with the help of the Bishop of the Diocese of Huron, whose father had been rector of this church from 1917-1922.

Mr. Smith has restored many older buildings, including work on the former Trinity School, which has been made into a private home. He has also managed to locate the original blueprints for St. John’s Church, which indicate it was designed by an architect from Detroit. The pictures following is a copy of one of those blueprints.

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