1924 letter from my Great Aunt as a child

This week, I have a very cute letter that my 8-year-old great aunt wrote. It is interesting to read the details of that time period from the perspective of a child–not just any child–I spent a lot of time with Helene when I was growing up, since we lived close enough to her that we could walk over to Hillcrest Cottage almost every week to play games on Saturdays. Donald is my grandfather, who would have been four years old. I love that they have poultry in the house, likely to protect them from whatever killed the chicken in the morning. It’s also interesting that they had a visit from her cousin Billy and family. Read about Billy Duck here.

handwritten envelope 1924

Handwritten envelope, not postmarked:

1924 handwritten child's letter

Mrs. Clark.


Ont. Canada

Morpeth, Ontario

July 3, 1924

Dear Mrs. Clark,

How are you? I am fine. I am just going to write a few lines. What are you doing? Mother and me and Donald went up to Lauras and made a dress. When I was up to Windsor and I had a good time. At noon Mother made Dad take the shutters off. Uncle Harvey and Leta and Billy came. Donald is just outside. We have a duck and chicken in the house and this morning Mother found a Duck and a chicken dead. Mother just went outside to see what he was doing. Mrs. Bob Tailor is not at home. I think she went away this morning. I guess I will close. Good by from Helene Duck

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