Child’s letter from 1925 – sick with whooping cough

January 1925 handwritten letter from child

(In a hand-written envelope that says HELENE DUCK in pencil, this letter was written to my great aunt, who would have been 8 turning 9 that winter, and my grandfather Donald would have been 4.)


Jan 7, 1925

Dear Helene,

I got your letter Tuesday night. How are you. I have a bad cold.

[Switches to child’s mother’s handwriting…] Well Helene, Alda wants me to finish her letter so here goes. She says to tell you she is sick in bed has whooping cough, a sore mouth and throat. The Dr. Gave her some awful medicine. She had Aunt Babe and Annie down to see me yesterday. Uncle Will and Aunt Jane are fine. How are you and Donald coming. It keeps me moving. I sat up a little bit while Mama makes my bed. I wish I could get up. I’m very tired lying in bed. I have a hot water bottle and irons in bed with me to keep me company. This is a very sunny day to day. I liked your letter very much. I hope you write soon. I’ve had mustard plasters on which make me itchy. I have Elestrine oil on too. We leave a light burning out on the hall table at night. I paint a little bit. I have to wash my mouth out real often with medicine. She says she must close now so good by from Alda to Helene and Donald.

1925 envelope

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