1925 letter – whooping cough & Christmas gifts

How cute to read about what my grandfather and his sister received for Christmas in 1925, when they were around the age of my kids now. It makes it so easy to picture what they might have been like. Too bad they were so sick! I wonder if Grandpa’s horn was anywhere nearly as annoying as my son’s recent gift of a “voice changer” toy? I tried to find a picture of a “circus wagon” toy from 1925 but haven’t so far.

1925 letter to Cousin Grace

Morpeth, Ont. Jan 10, 1925

Dear cousin Grace, –

Donald and I received the pretty postcards you sent us. I have been sick over a week (in bed). I have whooping cough and bronchitis and Donald has it too. Santa Claus did come this way and he brought a fountain pen and a box of writing paper and a scribbler and a little paper suit case full of candy and a pencil-box and three pencils in it and a pen and a rubber and a pencil sharper. I got some sewing cards from Toronto. Donald got a circus wagon and a pencil-box and a little purse full of kisses and a book. Uncle Ab gave me a painting book and six crayons. He gave Donald a horn. Donald got a painting book and a box of crayons from Toronto. Donald is trying to make his top work it is broken.

To-morrow is the anniversary in our church and Monday night is the tea-meeting but I guess none of us will be able to go.

2 thoughts on “1925 letter – whooping cough & Christmas gifts

  1. How old was Helene when she wrote this? It surprises me that her writing looks so much like it did when she was older. Did this get mailed, and if so, how did you get it back?

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