Letter from Gibson

A reply back from one of my Great Aunt’s many letters of January 1925. I wonder who Gibson was? Maybe a cousin? Too bad he didn’t give more details about his lantern shows in the basement.

Toronto Ont.
Jan 21, 1925

Dear Helene,
I hope you will soon be better. I have been out skating. Santa-Claus got me an electric lantern and a wagon and skates. Gordon got a covered wagon. I hope Donald is well. We play out in the snow a great deal. We have lantern shows. I show it in the basement. I got to the gymnasium to play basket ball and base ball. Write to me soon again.
Yours truly Gibson Gibson.


3 thoughts on “Letter from Gibson

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  2. I have photos of Gibson Gray as a baby with his mother Elsie. Also a photo of Gibson, Gordon and Estell Gray as young children. Also a photo of a young man E. D. Gray. They lived in Toronto.

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