Christmas report: 1925

1926 child's letter

A year after we saw a letter from Gibson, here is my almost 10-year-old Great Aunt’s report on her Christmas of 1925, written just after New Year’s, 1926. Of interest, I just read a Bobbsey Twins book to my kids. Can you imagine receiving a dozen handkerchiefs today?

I bet Grandpa, who would have been 5.5 (the age my so is now) would have been quite impressed with the double garage with two cars.

Morpeth, Ont.

Jan. 4, 1926

Dear Gibson,

Just a few lines to say that we thank you for the nice gifts that you sent Donald and I. I got two Bobbsey Twin books, 1 painting book, some picture books, a game of Dominoes, a game of Parcheesi and about a dozen nice handkerchiefs and some scribblers.

Donald got a double garage with two cars in it, a boy’s tool set, a scribbler and a pencil, a neck tie for his suit, a top, a toy telephone and three or four books. I got three or four books. I got a nice purse for Christmas. Also a pencil box and box of writing paper.

Dad has been sick in bed two weeks and is able to be up now. Uncle Ed came up last Saturday and went back yesterday. I started back to school on Monday. I am in third books.

1926 letter from Helene Duck

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