Postcard of Sir Wilfred Laurier

Happy Canada Day! I thought this postcard would be an appropriate one to share today: Canadians will recognize this face from our five dollar bill: Wilfred Laurier.

antique Sir Wilfred Laurier postcard

Antique postcard signed by Wilfred Laurier

At first glance, this postcard is similar to the kind of flyer we might receive today from a political candidate. However it appears that it was signed by Laurier (probably printed onto the postcard, but it is hard to tell).

Wilfred Laurier was the first francophone prime minister; the seventh prime minister of Canada, from 1896 to 1911.

Here, I learned that A. H. Clark (Alfred Henry Clark) was a Liberal candidate for Essex South in 1904, 1908 and 1911. all of which elections he won.

Therefore, the postcard was from one of those three years. I saw one other postcard online that had a similar pattern from 1904, but no exact matches to this one. This postcard was not used, so there is no stamp or writing on the the back.

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