Valentine’s Day and an egg boom

Laura 1926 page 1Interesting to read about the type of program the kids had at school 100 years ago for Valentine’s Day: homemade candy too. Sounds like there is an egg boom happening on the farm. I wonder if they just got the chickens recently? Interested in the kinds of Valentine’s the kids exchanged in the 1920s? I posted lots of examples in February.

Morpeth, Ont. Feb 1926 (no envelope)

Dear Laura, –

How are you? I am fine. When are you coming down. He may be up to your place with the bobsleigh one of these days. We had Valentine’s day at school on Friday. It was for all day. Donald was there all day. Mr. Parr spoke after recess in the afternoon. We had a programme from half past three to a quarter after four. We had lunch after four we had home made candy. I got ten Valentine’s and Donald got four Valentine’s. We are getting eggs now. We got six and one quarter dozen last month. We got ten eggs on Saturday and 13 on Sunday and 11 eggs today. We got four dozen and a half last week.

Laura page 2 3 1926

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