1928 letter: Measles or flu?

This short, unfinished letter from 1928 was written by my grandfather’s sister, Helene, then 11 and a half years old, to her Aunt in Windsor. Sounds like being sick in January was a household tradition. In a 1937 letter, she refers to their house, Hillcrest Cottage, as a “barn” of a house. It seems it was quite drafty.

1928 letter

Morpeth Jan. 20, 1928 (no envelope)

Dear Aunt Ella, –

I received the dress allright. How are you? I hope you are all well. Donald and Dad had a terrible cold last week, and now I have it. I have had something like the flu, mamma thought. Maybe I was getting the Old Fashioned kind of measles (they are around Morpeth right now) but I guess I am not.

I have been in bed since last Tuesday morning. Alice Kimmerly has had the old fashioned kind of measles and she was in bed for nearly a week.


Aunt Ella page 2

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