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As the Story is Told: Last Class of Trinity School, 1967


Every week, I share an excerpt from my Great Aunt’s book, As the Story is Told: A History of Morpeth and Community, which was printed in 1986. This week is the conclusion of the section on Trinity School, S. S. Howard #1.

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Last Class of Trinity School 1967

Back Row: Diane Greenway, David Lippert, Sharon Rousseau, Delores St. Pierre, Betty Taylor, Anna Cassenbroud, Brad Hitchcock, Bob Rousseau, Debbie Schoonjans, Peter Cassenbroud.

Centre Row: Wally Lippert, Doug Schoojans, Elvis Taylor Barb Lippert, Mrs. A. Giddis (teacher), Lori Lippert, Brian Hitchcock, Roger Schoojans, Jody Hitchcock.

Front Row: Robert Rokebrand, Tim Chambers, Yvette Schoojans.

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