1936 letter from great grandma


1936 letter envelope

It is clear in this letter how close my Great grandmother and my great aunt were. They enjoyed baseball and shared every detail of their happenings when they were apart. They lived together until Great grandmother’s death in the 1970s.

Postmarked Ridgetown Ont. Aug 18 1936

Addressed to Miss Helene Duck 1017 Ouellette Ave. Windsor Ont.

Morpeth, Aug. 17Th 9:30 pm

Dear Helene,

Well I just came home from Kriter’s after listening to the “Vagabond King” and thought I had better write you a few lines. Well, the second game is over and you haven’t missed much yet, although to-night’s game was real good despite the fact the score was 9-1 in favor of the red shirts. There were some “brilliant” play on both sides but three bad errors in one innings gave the Red Shirts 7 or 8 runs. Archie Mitton pitched the whole game and they say he did his part well. Friday’s game was the limit though. Score 19-8 in favor of the Red Shirts. Harold Greenway did the

1936 letter page 1Page 2

pitching at first and they got 14 runs in 1 innings and he wanted to stop when they had 5 or six but A. B would not take him out until at last he just quit and they did not get many afterwards as they had 1 or two before that. Sykes finished the game and held them down fine. Arch. Mitton played centre field that night too and both he and Carmen Coll were a little “overloaded” and made some very bad plays. They are playing 3 out of 5, so they have some to play yet. Had three umpires. Mr. Collier Sr. Behind the bat. Load at 3rd and the other one at first and they were all good. And was there a big crowd at both games?

Page 3

After you had gone that day I went over to Ethel’s and called Mrs. McKinley. She could not got tot he meeting so we just hopped into the car and went down and asked Nelson Parker and he took Eva, Mrs. M. Hall, Mrs. Leed Smith and I and coming back. Mary Mayhew brought the others to Morpeth and I came down with the Lampman’s and Mills: we had a splendid meeting. 23 present we also had a nice S. S. Yesterday. I took Mr. Rockey’s boys and all the other teachers were present 56 in all. After the men had gone down to Franklin’s yesterday to listen to the ball game, I was just dozing off to sleep when I heard a car coming in

Page 4

and if it wasn’t Moses. He had been down to Hamilton taking some men who had been working in Leamington. He had his little truck and is working on a farm in Leamington. He had his little truck and is working on a farm at Leamington. Says he can’t make any money in the city. He expects to take off O’Neills beets this fall too.

Tuesday 1 P.M.

Well I went to sleep last night when I got this far and now I am waiting for the men to come to dinner. I am supposed to go to the dentist—but I don’t know yet if dad will drive me out or not. Yesterday I washed colored clothes and socks and this morning I have only done up the work. The Lampman’s and Mills’ are coming for

Page 5

supper to-morrow night and the next day is the councillor’s picnic. I don’t know that we are going though. I asked dad this morning if he had any thought of going to Windsor this week end and he said “Not the slightest now.” He says “Helene won’t be ready to come home then will she?” So you know how he is. He fooled Saturday afternoon away. Went down town to change a tire (front one) and stayed all afternoon and yesterday afternoon he spent with Jim McKinley. His tire had a phonograph needle in it. They say Mrs. Fike is throwing them all over the road and in her yard to keep the kids from bothering her. Several others have picked up some too. Jessie Chris

Page 6

got a new permanent yesterday. You and I are behind times I guess. I see by the paper Windsor got a good rain but we only got a few sprinkles. Looks a little cloudy to-day but not much like rain.

2 P. M.

We’ve had our dinner and dad is going to drive me out to Ridgetown and I’ll come back on the bus if I don’t get a ride.

Write me a nice long letter (if you haven’t done so) and tell me what you are doing. I looked for one on Saturday. Got Kenneth Kriter to run down to the post office but nothing there.

Good-bye with love.



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