1937 – visit to Windsor

1937 envelopeWell this visit didn’t sound very exciting to me – sounds like Great Aunt spent a lot of time around the house, listening to baseball games. But she seemed to be looking for a relaxing visit with relatives. The highlight was going to the movies. I looked up “Thin Ice” – so interesting to be able to watch this same film 80 years later. Here’s a link to the first part. And here is a link to the preview for “Think Fast Mr. Moto


Postmark Windsor Oct. 12 830 pm 1937

To Mrs. Clarence Duck, Morpeth, Ontario

Windsor, Ont.

Oct. 12, 1937 11 a.m.

Dear Folks, –

Well I got downstairs in my pyjamas this morning in time to hear Hope Alden at Cincinatti, 9:15 A.M. Heard Bachelor’s Children too. Thought it was swell. Bob was a little more settled to-day than he was yesterday, wasn’t he? I enjoyed yesterday’s. Just about then I got your letter. Glad to hear that everything is O.K. My but you were smart to get that washing and ironing done on Friday.

Well I think thThin Iceat if I’m going to get everything down on paper I had better back up and start at the beginning. We got in Windsor about 11 o’clock. Stopped at Metropolitan Hospital and Fat saw Mrs. Rockey. She was not any too good either. It was about 11:45 when we got here. Fat wanted to call Harry but she was out to lunch and so she was here until about 1:30. I haven’t heard from her since but I am not figuring on coming home until Friday. Aunt Ella was up and going and Tom came downstairs with one eye open. Aunt Ella seems to be very frail but I think that she is pretty good for her. She is better. Her sinus trouble is gone now.


Uncle Edd and Mr. Butcherd went to Meeting Friday night and Aunt Ella and I stayed home and listened to the radio when we weren’t asleep. Heard the ball game in the afternoon. I didn’t get up until 11 o’clock Saturday morning. Everybody else had been up for some time. Tom had been downtown and back. Aunt Ella and Tom and I went to market about noon. I haven’t seen much of Tom since I got here. Ella Marie has full charge of things and Boy oh Boy am I telling you, he needs to watch his step. I know her. Saturday afternoon he had a date to take her out to her cousin’s at Cottam. He asked me to go but I wouldn’t. He called her up to see if they were really going to go and told her that I was here but she didn’t say bring her too. I didn’t want to go anyway though. I listened to the ball game and the rest of us were home all evening. Tom didn’t get home until 11:30.

I didn’t get up until 11:30 on Sunday. Tom and Uncle Ed had gone to church and I had no sooner got downstairs than Ella Marie called up and invited herself up for dinner. She got the day off at 1937 letter page 1the last minute. You know Aunt Ella – she urged her to come along and Tom went after her as soon as he came home. Sunday afternoon I stayed home and listened to the ball game. Uncle Ed and Ella went to Brethren Sunday School and Tom went to teach his Sunday school class. We all went to church at night. Ella Marie came home with us after and stayed until 11:30. They say that she’s never ready to go home. I haven’t heard from her since then.

I got ahead of myself again. Wasn’t that some ball game Sunday? Those Yanks just had a little too much of everything for the Giants. After the game we thought that we would call on Aunt Mat. When we got over to Winnie’s, Clara told us that they were having a surprise party for Aunt Mat over at Art’s so we went over there. Tom and Ella sat in the car and Aunt Ella and I went in. Did we ever get into a nest of Mason’s. They had just all assembled and I guess that they were all there. I didn’t see all the men but I saw a lot of women that I didn’t know. Gord’s were there. Ruth says that their kids have been pestering them all summer to come up to our place. Gord has the 11th of November off and Ruth says that they have been thinking of coming up just for the day.

Uncle Ed and Tom have just come in now from London. There was a Conference Meeting down there this week-end and they decided Sunday night that they could get up early Monday morning and go for the day. They did and have just come back. I don’t know whether Aunt Ella was disappointed in not going or not. Uncle Ed wanted me to go but I didn’t want to. I think Aunt Ella would have been very tired from the ride if she had gone. I guess they had a good time but they haven’t had much to say yet.

Yesterday of course we were along. We went downtown about 12:30 and went to the Capitol to see “Thin Ice” and “Think Fast Mr. Moto.” They were very, very gThink Fast Mr. Motoood. I think that Aunt Ella enjoyed it. We hope to go again. She seems to get around pretty well for her.

Winnie told me to be sure and come over there but I don’t know whether I’ll go to-day or not. I have just had my dinner. It has been raining a little, fine drizzle for the last hour or so but it has stopped now so I think I’ll dash out and post this.

I think I have been taking that rest cure that I said I was going to – all I seem to do is eat and sleep – I don’t get enough exercise – wish I had somebody here to walk with.

Well I don’t know anything more now so I guess I’ll sign off.
Yours with Love, Helene.

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