Attempting to cook a jack rabbit in 1938

hunter with jack rabbit

Hunter with a jack rabbit, c 1900. Source

This is my all time favourite letter from my great aunt, because of the line “I’m attempting to cook a jack rabbit.” I just can’t imagine, having grown up on an extension of the same farm, what it would be like to live at home in my early twenties and to have my dad deposit a rabbit for me to cook up. It is a real picture into a different generation.

I wonder what she ended up making for her father and brother (my grandpa). I doubt her antics in the kitchen looked anything like this. I wonder if they just ate it with some potatoes and vegetables, or in a stew. Here is an interesting post with a recipe for hare stew. Can’t say I am likely going to be adventurous enough to try this, so let me know if you do!

Postmarked Morpeth Nov 25/1938 – Morpeth

Mrs. Clarence Duck
1341 Ouellette Ave.
Windsor, Ont.
Cfo. E.A. Kimmerly
Morpeth, Ont.

Fri. Nov. 25, 1938

Dear Mother, –

Received your letter this noon. I thought that you would sail right through because it didn’t snow any here after you left. According to the temperatures given over the radio it is colder here than it is up there. It’s a little milder today. Yesterday was a clear, sparkling day. It was pleasant outside but not so hot in this barn of a house. I think I’ll have to stay outside to keep warm.

Everything is going along here very smoothly so far. I seem to have more to do than I have time to do – that’s the only trouble. They fixed up the new barn basement last Wednesday and a little more Thursday morning. We went to Palymyra Wednesday night – Alda & Jimmy, Jean & Dana & myself – had a very good time – lots to eat – pressed chicken, scalloped potatoes, spaghetti, baked beans, jellos, pickles, pie, cake and coffee. Their programme was very good too. The preacher got mixed up in the programme and called on Jimmy first and then again. He had to sing twice.

Wednesday night while I was away, the men caught 130 chickens and put them in the new barn basement – of course some of them were hens and there are still some out in the barn. Yesterday I got 5 eggs from them – some of the pullets are laying – the old hens got the notion and laid 2 eggs yesterday too. To-day I’ve got one from the new barn.

Dad was out hunting yesterday and to-day. I’m attempting to cook a jack rabbit. I don’t know how I’ll make out.

attempting to cook a jack rabbits

Jimmy Smith was just here talking insurance to Donald.

You should see that new barn basement. Every window and crack is filled up and the wire is covered with corn stalks. There’s just one thing – he bedded it down with about 2 feet of bean straw and so they’ll have to eat mostly corn. It’s really quite warm.

Dad asked Donald this morning if we were going to Windsor on Sunday. I said that I’d like to go Saturday. They are threshing at McGaren’s now and our men expected to be at Jim McKinlay’s for supper to-night but they broke the cylinder shaft in the machine and so they won’t be at Jim’s till to-morrow at least. I guess we are not very likely to come Saturday but we might Sunday you know that they never make up their minds until the last minute. If we come you’ll see us.

I didn’t go to Ridgetown last night. I had a letter from Ike yesterday. She doesn’t know yet that you have gone. She waited all last Sunday and was ready to come but nobody showed up. They don’t expect to have enough wool for the sweater that’s going to be the death of me yet. If you can’t read this it’s because I’m in a hurry – we’re out of butter and I have to go to Anne’s and want to mail this on the way.

Maybe we’ll see you this week-end and maybe we won’t.

Love Helene

notes on back of envelope 1938 1938 envelope 1938 letter

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