August 1939 letter from Mother in Windsor

This letter took place about a year after the last one I shared, when my Great Aunt (Helene) was 23. Last time, my young great aunt was asked to cook up a jack rabbit. This time, her mother has requested she kill a couple chickens. What a different time!

I wonder who her mother is addressing when she says “girls”? There seems to be someone else living at the house named Ike – whether or not this is her real name or not, I am not clear. But it sounds like she was helping around the house. They certainly were dirt poor at this time, so I don’t think it could have been hired help, but perhaps someone boarding with them, or a friend. [note, edit: I solved the Ike mystery here…]

1939 Aug letter pg 1









Postmarked Windsor Aug 11 10:30 AM 1939

Miss Helene Duck. Morpeth. – Ontario

Windsor, Aug. 10th
11. P.M.
Dear Girls,
I received your letter when I got home from Detroit this afternoon and was I surprised to hear of Archie Robert’s death. I was talking to Ty. Tyson on the air about him this morning at 11. Did you hear me? When I told him I was from Morpeth, Ont. He looked at me and said “Why I bought a dog once from a fellow there.” and I said “was it Archie Roberts?” and he said “Yes, that was his name” and I told him I knew him quite well. He wanted to know if he was still raising dogs and I said “yes” and here he was dead at the time. I’ll tell you the rest when I see you.

Of course Dad would think of coming down after I had made other arrangements. I gave Tom the first chance but he said he didn’t want to go up there again so soon but I believe he did all the time because I thought when I told him Gordon’s were going he seemed a bit disappointed. Mr. Butchard paid all expenses and their trip the other day. Mum’s the word about that.

Winnie was telling me that New York is playing in Detroit on the 27th. She and Bill are taking the kids that day.

Well, Ruth and I had a swell time to-day. After seeing Ty, we decided to go to the Michigan Theatre as she said the show was “Good-bye Mr. Chips” and she had heard so much about it being so good. Well it was one of the best I have ever seen. “Indiannapolis Speedway” was the other feature and it was very good too. After the show we had our dinner (3:30 pm) and then went down to Hudson’s basement to do our shopping. I got a new house dress and a pair of bloomers for you. We had a soda and then walked down to city hall square where Ruth got her bus and I got mine. When I got home, an old Ridgetown girl friend of Ella’s was here and she stayed until 9 o’clock and since that we have been reading and listening to the radio. My writing paper was upstairs and pen & ink down so I got this pencil and am writing this in my bedroom so I wouldn’t have to go downstairs again. We are invited over to Fred Mason’s for supper to-morrow night with Aunt Mat too and I’m going down town for a while. If you could get time to kill a chicken or two, it would be fine and we could have them for dinner on Sunday. Quite a treat for the M’s you know. Well I had better sign off for to-night. Will see you Saturday for supper. Loads of love

1939 letter1939 Aug letter envelope

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