Starting Out to the Day’s Toil


1908 postcard Labour Day, Canada, Homestead Life

1908 Postcard: Starting Out to the Day’s Toil – Canadian Homestead Life

After a much needed break from routine, I’m back with a postcard that seemed fitting for Labour Day weekend – “Starting Out to the Day’s Toil”

I actually love this time of the year. I get very motivated and ambitious in all aspects of my life: cooking with wonderful fall harvest ingredients, making plans with friends, getting down to business with projects at work, and usually painting as well. This fall, I am pregnant with my third child, so this has been dipping into my energy level! But I have some interesting posts planned that are starting to take shape for the next few weeks. Today, we are heading out to our local orchard for some new apples.

This postcard was actually sent on February 17, 1908, to my great grandmother from “N.C.” – with the note “How did you feel after oyster supper. Hope we can get up tomorrow night. Bye Bye till then N.C.” – Hmm, I wonder how N. C. felt after the oyster supper? Not sure it was good.

back of toil postcard

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